CANCER…listen up people (for my friend BUNNI)

On November 16, 2012 by Suedenimon


A VERY dear friend of mine is dying from cancer…she has been a friend to me here on the blogosphere for as long as I have been here….BUNNI I love you gurl!


This information is info that I find myself giving out to people TIME & TIME again, it doesn’t seem to be GETTING OUT THERE!!!!

So for BUNNI and for everyone else out there that has CANCER or knows someone who has CANCER …YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION NOW!!!!

Big Pharma make huge amounts of money out of every case of CANCER that is diagnosed, here in the UK the figure of £300,000 is bandied about as the cost of a course of chemo therapy..DO YOU THINK THAT WITH MONEY LIKE THAT TO BE MADE THEY ARE INTERESTED IN A CURE!!!!

NO WAY are they interested in telling you that simple and effective remedies are available…and NO WAY will they or anyone connected with their profiteering going to let you know what really can help you!


EDUCATE YOURSELF and apply these things to yourself…

GRAVIOLA or the SOURSOP FRUIT is 10,000 times more effective than chemo therapy….and it only targets the cancerous cells!

Maple Syrup and Bi carbonate of soda mix, is credited with blowing CANCER to the research!

Get on to  CARROTS …yes I said CARROTS the high levels of CAROTENE target CANCER CELLS and blow them to bits!

GO to You Tube and watch Ric Simpsons “RUN FROM THE CURE” (click the title here!)

THEY (Big Pharma) do not want us to know these things, and in collusion with governments EVERYWHERE have made many ‘cures’ ILLEGAL to use..CANNABIS OIL is PROVEN to blow cancer to smithereens!

Please do your research for yourself or your loved ones…hell, for everyone..our governments are not nice people they want us dead or dependent upon them…

IT MAKES ME SOOOO MAD that we are lied to and the truths of this wonderful world are hidden from us so that charlattans and snake-oil salesmen can make a fast buck….FUCK EM I say…FUCK EM ALL!!!!

BUNNI me darlin read this and do it .get doing it NOW, do not give up, far too many people LOVE and need you around think of your kittehs….and GET WELL…

BUNNI… some kittehs for you petal chin up, and get researching ok!

We needz you Bunni!

Dont leave us, where we gonna find a nice safe warm snuggle eh!

And so should you be!

Tigerz never give up! Y’hear!

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22 Responses to “CANCER…listen up people (for my friend BUNNI)”

  • Thanks, mate – you’re a star – I’m in a pretty bad way about this, too.

    • Suedenimon

      Spidey my brain is FUCKED by this news as I know yours will be, she is such a gorgeous soul…I will not let her go without a fight, even though there is little I can do for her but let her know what I have found out!
      Odie sent her the links earlier and she has sent me her email add through him so I have just written toher now!
      Stay in touch bro, we will at the least try to keep her cheerful eh!

      • Believe it or not, mate, she was the one cheering ME up when we spoke on the phone the other night.

      • Nom I LOVE THIS POST! Thank you kindly for compiling this on my behalf! And the Kitties were a beautiful touch!

        I was out all day on errands, so I didn’t reply to your second email to me, but I will read and study up on the natural remedies and all your important info.

        Big pharma, and cancer surgeons aren’t going to make a penny off of me. Even though they said I can’t have chemo or surgery, they were suggesting “experimental” type pills and things that were essentially chemo and radiation and I said “NO NO NO”. They knew my mind was made up. There is no way I’d take any of that crap, for what, to feel WAY WORSE, with still no cure, and perhaps prolonging life a MEASLY MONTH! They must be nuts if they think I’d fall for that. But they had to ask…..after they knew that I was adamant, and well studied on how bad all that crap is, they actually agreed with me and said I was doing the right thing, refusing all that stuff. The nurses said so too, so they are probably made to ask by the hospital, that cancer is a cash cow for the medical profession, and they will never “find” a cure. Just like they’ll never cure the flu or the common cold.

        They were also pushing flu shots and vaccines on me too, and I said NO! I was the usual feisty bunni while in hospital for 8 days, and they knew I wasn’t a pushover. Patients who aren’t that way are in deep trouble, to be sure, even with misguided family members there. Sometimes the family is worse, guilting the person into trying anything they are selling, so they won’t be “left alone”. HOGWASH! I know my own mind ,and they sure got a piece of it, and I wound up being respected and admired by ALL the doctors for my great attitude and peaceful acceptance of things. So, the dr.’s even know the treatments suck, and they would NOT take them, nor give to THEIR families, so why should I take it! Never, I say.

        Thanks for the Info! I will read it all at my leisure, and do what’s best for me. Love, Bunni

        • Suedenimon

          Bunni …I am sorry I don’t know why your comments need approving all the time, you have been on here often enough for it to know by now..SHEESH!
          As for not putting up with people (last comment you made) I don’t suffer fools gladly as you should know by now..but there is something in what he said which touched a chord in me, I do know of Chi Gung and have practiced it in the past, it is ALL about energy and getting the body to heal itself and stay healthy…I had to laugh at Martins comment of heads up etc…as Chi Gung is also a form of meditation and he ‘rose’ very quickly ..but it does show he has SPIRIT at the least!
          I respect your strength (always have!) in refusing their drugs etc, they would only make you worse in my opinion…I recommend you order Fresh Soursop off the internet, you can get it through Amazon, I know I looked for a friend only recently, It is SERIOUSLY recommended as a cancer buster, it is worth a try at the least as it only targets cancer cells…
          You of course know that ANYTHING I can do from here I will…
          Stay in touch as and when you can I will see if we can buy and send stuff to you if you cannot afford it..its not charity, I know you would do the same for us..Spidey and I will stay in touch on this and be assured you are ery much in our thoughts and prayers….
          All my love…but you know that don’t you Sweetheart!

  • Martin

    That is the most heartfelt and true post I’ve ever read .
    I studied chi Kung with a Chinese master with a school in Malaysia . He
    Told me through an interpreter that the practice of this discipline
    Can cure cancer . That was 1989 I practice most days and would
    Like to try and help . I feel it is my calling

    • Suedenimon

      further to the above comment .thank you for your concern Martin….and please do offer whatever may be of help to those who need it, your comment suggests you have expertese in an area which I respect greatly and if you would like to do a WHOLE blog post on this area I would be happy to work with you on that!

  • Martin

    Note to self don’t offer help to people too far up there own bum

    • Suedenimon

      That will do nicely Martin… your offer of help has not gone unnoticed but so far I have been very VERY busy addressing 6 cancer cases 3 of which are terminal my wifes redundancy and my own ejection from benefits through ATOS…I am sorry you have had to wait for a day but I have been out most of today doing things that had to be done…
      I often do not do much with first time commenters as I have a HUGE spam list from such people, that you chose to drop a second one proves you are not one of them…Your email add did leave me wondering whether you were genuine or not and I was going to check it out soon for myself..
      I apologise for your wait and I welcome anything you can add to the debate/problem in hand…you are now able to comment freely as I have approved your first comment..please try to understand that I and many of my friends are VERY cut up by this news..OK!

      • Thank you for that, Nom My troll alert is going off. I have a feeling this “martin” is not sincere, such a rude comment was uncalled for. Don’t waste your time on him! I don’t waste one second on annoying things or people now, and I did’nt suffer fools before either! NEXT!

    • Suedenimon

      No apology needed, I like a person with the zest and passion to get mad…I do LOTS! Welcome to my madhouse m8y!

  • Martin

    Being near rivers early inthe morning may help. Didn’t realise
    how poorly your mate is till I reads more . I will try some healing
    by distance . Thanks for forgiving me , I feel pretty shit about it all day .

    • Suedenimon

      My friend…for if you even try to help that is what you are, I and those who love her for her HUGE heart are in constant tears at how bad this is…do not feel bad, rather forgive me my weakness and lack of spped in acceptig your request to help..
      All you can do is gratefully received, believe me….thank you!

  • Yes, Martin, what Nom said! Sorry I thought you were a troll. I’m very sensitive lately and I’ve had supposed good RL “friends” insult me to my face the last few days, which made me mad and now the lst hint of something like that, and I go into combat mode. Whatever you can teach us, gove to this blog, or Nom, and I’m sure he’ll pass on to me and his readers.

    Take care, Bunni. PS: don’t feel bad anymore,

    • Suedenimon

      Your comments still not being approved..this is beyond a joke Bunni…Martin made a comment about being by rivers early in the morning..HE IS RIGHT I had forgotten this but ..overnight the ionisation of flowing waters (clean preferably) recharges with good ions , I would go further than be beside it , I would say BE IN IT submerge and let the water wash every part of you… it isn’t going to cure you but may help slow things the meantime I have found this again (lost it ages ago..
      it is something THEY will not tell you about..I have left a message with a Pharmacologist friend asking about it and how to get hold of it… please BUNNI watch the vid (sorry this is the best link I can find, it is a Facefarce link) but hopefully it will work for you, if it doesn’t the substance is called Dichloroacetic acid and is a cheap and obtainable has been shown to shrink tumours in weeks in rats and mice (I know I hate it too but they do it all the same)The linky thing…
      Keep hoping and reading I am still looking through all the things I can…

  • Anonymous

    dinny ken ye lass but dont give in, let your own thoughts/mind be as you know to be right, wishing you well from a close friend of nom’s.

    • Suedenimon

      Not your comments too..what the feck is going on..why are old friends not being approved???
      Thanks m8 for your words!

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